How To Select Lottery Numbers Based On The Fibonacci Sequence

The fibonacci sequence has fascinated mathematicians for a few years. Let’s check out how these numbers may affect on lottery functions.SATTA MATKA

The sequence is just a bunch of numbers the place every quantity is the sum of the earlier two.

1 2 three 5 8 13 21 34

What’s of curiosity is that the ratio of any two numbers approaches the “golden quantity” of 1.6180 which seems in nature from the Egyptian pyramids by means of to the petals on many flower species. The upper the quantity, the nearer the ratio is to 1.6180.

Lotto And The Fibonacci Concept

At first look the sequence does not seem to present us any assist with Lotto choices.

There are too many numbers within the first decile and few even numbers.

The place the numbers may be useful is utilizing the collection to make choices from generated mixtures.

Lotto Combos And Fibonacci Purposes

No matter choice system you utilize, the variety of doable mixtures is more likely to be giant.

For instance, a lotto calculator would generate 924 mixtures for simply 12 distinctive numbers.

That may be too many traces for a person participant, however you can use the fibonacci sequence to work out which traces to decide on.

The magnificence of the collection is that you may begin with any two numbers and create your individual sequence.

So you can start with traces 5,10 after which proceed the collection:

5 10 15 25 40 65 105 and so forth.

You could possibly then choose traces from the mixtures generated based mostly on the fibonacci numbers. For instance you may choose traces 5,10,15 and so forth.

Relying in your place to begin that may scale back the variety of traces to lower than 15, a extra manageable quantity for a person lotto participant.

Filtering The Lotto Combos And Optimizing Fibonacci Numbers

Gamers might filter the mixtures to take away unlikely patterns making the fibonacci choices much more optimum.

An alternative choice may be to make use of a random quantity generator to create the place to begin for the collection, and even to have vary of various sequences to experiment with.

The concept is to make use of the sequence to create your individual choice system which you then refine and experiment with.


This text has launched the idea of making use of a confirmed mathematical idea to lottery choices. The fibonacci sequence could also be an instance of the stability between a seemingly random occasion and implementing skilled methodology to attain an final result.