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Q My building in Manhattan is being transformed to a apartment and is undergoing some most important upgrades, together with a new lobby and new home windows, radiators, electrical gadget and air-conditioners and sleeves.

My husband and I are aged, our apartment is lease-stabilized, and we plan to remain as apartment tenants. What worries us is whether or not these capital improvements may be added to our lease.

A “The letter creator’s issues are both real and legitimate,” stated Ronald A. Sher, a White Plains co-op attorney. As she suspects, the price of principal capital upgrades can be delivered to the base lease, provided the landlord complies with the rules and submits an utility for an growth inside years to the country’s Division of Housing and Community Renewal.

Under the hire rules, the cost of the improvement is split with the aid of eighty four, and that result is then divided via the full quantity of rooms within the constructing. To arrive on the monthly increase for each rental, that sum is then extended by using the number of rooms within the condo. The boom is everlasting.

But there are a few elements that may go inside the letter writer’s favor. Mr. Sher stated that an M.C.I. Lease adjustment can be offset or removed if the tenant qualifies for a Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption, called Scrie.

To qualify, the head of the household ought to be sixty two or older, and the overall family income cannot exceed $27,000 after taxes. (Information is available at www.Nyc.Gov/html/dfta/html/scrie/scrie.Shtml or by means of calling 311.)

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In addition, Mr. Sher stated, in New York City a hire boom in any person year might not exceed 6 percentage of the cutting-edge lease. (Outside the city, the growth may not exceed 15 percent of the rent.) Increases above the cap may be carried forward to destiny years.

Correction: October 28, 2007
An answer inside the Q&A column final Sunday, approximately buildingwide main capital enhancements in multifamily houses in New York City, described incorrectly the technique for calculating the month-to-month lease increases for rent-regulated apartments. The price of the development is divided by means of 84, and that end result is then divided via the total range of rooms within the constructing. To arrive on the month-to-month increase for every rental, that sum is then multiplied by means of the number of rooms inside the condominium. The rent-growth calculations aren’t based totally upon the Useful Life Schedule for a particular improvement.

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