Different Kinds of Food Colours

Food colours make your edible creations stand out and make them look complete. Finding the right product and shade can be the hard, as there are so many different products out on the market.

There used to be only liquid, paste, gel and powdered food colours available. Now days the variety is much bigger and options are pretty much endless. Most common food colours are following.

Natural Food Colours

Natural food colours are made with natural ingredients such as beets, turmeric, spirulina and other plant extracts. They are perfect when you’re trying to avoid artificial colouring but usually natural food colours are not very concentrated and will add only pastel shades to your icing.

Liquid Food Colours

Liquid edible food colours are probably the first ones ever on the market. They are the cheapest and commonly found at supermarkets. Liquid food colours are best to use for pastel colours as they are not very concentrated and can change the consistency of your icing or fondant, when adding too much colour.

Powdered Food Colours

Powdered food colours are highly concentrated so good for deeper colours. Powdered food colours are very good to colour chocolate.

Gel Food Colours

Gel food colours are water based and highly concentrated, so again very good product to use, if you’re trying to get darker colours. But due to the fact that they contain water, they are not suitable for colouring the chocolate.

Airbrush Food Colours

Airbrush food colours are liquid colour designed to use specially with your airbrush machine. You should never use any other colours in your airbrush gun, besides the ones that are specially marked for it, the reason being, all the other colours, can clog your airbrush quite easily, and ruin the machine.

Oil Based Food Colours

Oil based food colours are also called candy or chocolate colours. They don’t contain any water so, and are perfect to use with chocolate, cause they won’t seize it.


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