Samsung C8700 46 Review

Some human beings are within the fortunate role to receive high-end stuff from excessive-end corporations for overview. I’m now not certainly one of them. But a family member felt it turned into time for 3-D and acquired the new Samsung C8700. And I managed to get a very good study it.

It turned into a Thursday morning when the mailman rang the door and entered with a large package labeled Samsung. The feeling of pleasure became hard to suppress. I opened the box and saw the TV its stand and a variety of cables. The preparation manual turned into massive and contained instructions in quite a few languages, I handiest used it for installing the stand even though. Real men do not want consumer manuals! Read: geeks like me.


I had an awesome have a look at it after putting in the stand and thoroughly placing it on the fixtures. The first element I noticed become the silver metallic border around the display, a unstable pass considering the all-black fashion of the remaining couple of years. But I actually like it. It makes the television look more premium and makes it stick out from the %. The very edge of the television isn’t silver however see thru plastic. From the side it’s very thin. Under an inch thick, this is approximately as skinny because it receives for positive.

The display is held through a four-legged stand, which looks extraordinary. At first I wasn’t certain but it grew on me. And the plain blessings of the stands are the extremely good balance of the TV and the specific layout. The all silver seems will disappoint some customers even though; I’ve heard testimonies of humans going for the C7700 only for the black borders across the display.

Overall the Samsung-reparationer C8700 is one of the prettiest TVs in the marketplace. Its all silver design and four-legged stand will make it stand out anyplace it stands. The backlit Samsung logo is likewise a completely pleasant contact. Less a hit is the branding on the decrease left corner. And it ought to be noted that the design isn’t for everyone.

Connectivity & specifications

The excessive-stop Samsung C8700 allows you to attach virtually any tool, like you’d anticipate from a TV in this charge elegance. It has four HDMI 1.Four ports, the brand new wellknown which allows most 3-D visuals. Further extra in comes with: PC audio in, RF in, Cl+ slot, 2x USB, 2x scart, optical audio, Ethernet, headphone and a couple of components. That’s truly great connectivity proper there.

All the connections are angled, so you can put the Samsung at the wall without annoying approximately cables sticking out. I have to also point out that most of the connections require a unique ‘extension’ cable, which is furnished inside the box.

It additionally packs some critical specifications. It has 200hz, a new hyper 3D engine, Internet, DLNA, PVR and a marketed evaluation radio no television will ever accomplish. Further extra it is a LCD facet-lit LED, which means that the mild comes from the side. It has neighborhood dimming in 12 zones, which means that the TV can control the light at 12 parts of the display to acquire higher blacks. All these specifications will come returned in addition in the evaluate; so don’t worry if you do not know what any of them imply. For your convenience, here’s the total spec list provided by way of Samsung.


The Samsung C8700, C7700 and C9000 televisions are the primary to carry a unique new far off. It’s thinner silver far flung with backlit keys. The traditional rubber keys had been replaced for flat keys, which give you no point of reference for blind use. Also new are a few buttons, maximum tremendously the 3-D button.

I really just like the new far flung. It seems incredible. The silver suits the TV properly and I determined the important thing allocation logically.


I’m a chunk of a geek with regards to these items. I always try to use each function that a device has in shop for me. Samsung has covered plenty within the new C8700, such as Internet apps and media play.

They have also supplied a new menu photograph for the specific features. It shows an icon of the function on the threshold of a wheel which you may turn the use of your far flung. Television keeps playing even after activating the menu, a nice contact.

The new Samsung software shop allows you to download apps for the television. Offering differs per u . S . But it have to consist of the likes of Twitter, Facebook and weather. Downloading went effortlessly and the usage of the apps become a mixed enjoy. The limited processing abilties of the TV have to be cited; do not assume iPad like studies. Navigation wasn’t constantly clean and some of the apps had been completely vain. Still it is a pleasing upgrade from last 12 months’s leds. But the marginally stepped forward gradual feel still makes me want to avoid all of it.

Media play way that you could insert an USB tool and play its content. This won’t sound like a huge deal however it is. Samsung claims to guide virtually each format, and in a manner they’re proper. The feature has advanced this yr. The person interface first helps you to pick out between Movies, Music or Photos. Browsing the USB disk follows after your choice; fortuitously this is easy and fast. Sub maps are dealt with perfectly and I changed into capable of navigate with severe pace.

So does it certainly play each layout accessible? Yes and no. I threw loads at it, along with media that the PS3 can not play. AVI, MPEG, MP4 had been all performed without problems. MKVs were not a trouble both, even the big 15+ gig ones. I had one example wherein it declined to play my audio format because it became now not supported – DTS I suppose. I became in cloud 9 till I got here throughout a little hassle. Do you already know the ones small HD cameras? They every so often record in a report called.MTS, also referred to as AVCHD. The Samsung C8700 didn’t want in and couldn’t even see the documents seem within the surfing window. A small hiccup in an otherwise ideal playback score, guess I’ve to use the PS3 for AVCHD documents.


Everyone who’s extreme about televisions can tell you that right calibration is essential. To accomplish this I calibrated the tv for some extraordinary situations and in the long run chose a compromise. Because I don’t want to switch settings each time I change to gaming, SD or HD movies. The menu could be very smooth to apply. I pressed show options and observed myself faced by using a few sliders controlling: sharpness, assessment, backlight, colours etc. I could also exchange the nearby dimming settings (clever LED) and the manner the tv attempts to eliminate grain.

After approximately 2 hours, I discovered a very good compromise in settings, displaying both SD and HD very well. I had became the sharpness down a notch to put off unwanted artifacts round objects, most pretty in SD signals. Contrast became upped a chunk however not an excessive amount of in any other case it gets rid of shadow information. Colors had been set up high and backlight turned into set to most with the eco sensor enabled.

The new eco sensor is Samsung’s reaction to Sony’s gadget. Basically it reads the surroundings and adjustments settings accordingly. It can lower brightness based on ambient light, flip the TV off while there’s no signal and a few other much less interesting matters.

The sound settings supply basic manage, not nearly as significant as the photograph setting skills. It allowed me to change the sound to the choicest settings for: movies, music and speech. And of route it has the surround mock-up putting, which I like. Last but not least the C8700 can normalize extent variations among channels. This can paintings but I stored it off due to the fact I by no means experience this trouble a whole lot.

Normally you’d be accomplished now but there may be one extra putting to worry about: 3D. Samsung has provided a big range of equipment to make the experience, mainly the conversion system, as secure as viable. Settings consist of: generated depth, brightness and the way the machine generates the three-D impact. I observed that bigger intensity within the settings can be really first-class or definitely worrying. It all trusted how nicely the conversion worked in the first region.

So with my TV calibrated it was time for a few real world checks. So I did what each circle of relatives does… Connect a 2TB HDD with 1080p content material and hundreds of movies and TV series that I legally own. But earlier than that I watched some normal television.


Now endure in mind that I don’t have the system to do a systematic take a look at. I just looked at real international fabric and calibrated the television the usage of a technique that each everyday man or woman makes use of.

First a few general feedback about the testing method and findings. I watched content in three categories: SD, HD and gaming. I took my time and were given an awesome look at specific elements of the image pleasant, mainly motion, hues, black tiers and general sharpness.

First my locating that applies to everything I watched. The viewing angles on this TV are disappointing. A small perspective already ended in a great loss of colours. Everything have become tinted pretty quickly. There’s additionally some lightning uniformity. It’s a problem that problems each part lit LEDs, essentially the rims are greater brilliant due to the fact the history light comes from the rims handiest. I didn’t note a lot all through my assessments, however it is there. Okay now for a few actual international testing starting with SD.


First I related a digital television receiver field onto the Samsung C8700. The sign was SD (720×480) and 50hz. The quality become ok from a distance. For the 46″ version a distance of as a minimum 7 feet (2,1 meters) is recommended. From up close the lack of pixels have become painfully apparent. I additionally noticed that the television become not able to cast off all graining with out losing detail. Motion was handled properly by means of the 200HZ engine, which means that that the television makes movement smoother via putting greater frames in between.

I looked for greater SD materials and determined an episode of Glee. Episode 21. It stumbled upon the equal problem. The photograph wasn’t very sharp and appeared washed out. The lacking pixels emerge as a huge pain. Again the equal advice applies. Only try looking this from a distance! Students don’t purchase a 46″ television for a one-room house, which some name domestic for lack of better.

Overall I turned into upset through the SD photo best however it wasn’t the Samsung C8700’s fault. It’s just very tough to show DVDs crisp on a panel of this size. It’s watchable from a distance but don’t get too near.

My 2d check become one for the destiny. Every element we watch is transformed to HD. This new higher standard equals extra pixels and thus a better video first-class. In reality we’ve got a lot religion on this generation that we’re even changing antique classics like Star Wars episode four-6 and the Shining to the new platform. Remember though that a digital camera with ¼ the quantity of pixels shot those movies. Which approach that the more dots want to appear from skinny air – not feasible. So I simplest tested HD films filmed after 2007, current films.


I started with Leap yr. This new 2010 romantic comedy turned into an appropriate candidate due to the stunning scenery of Ireland. And boy turned into it beautiful. The Samsung C8700’s neighborhood dimming gadget does a terrific process in generating marvelous black levels. Black is certainly black on this tv! Motion turned into additionally suitable because the scenery flashed with the aid of. It changed into definitely smooth. Some don’t like this however I do. Leap 12 months resulted in a totally darkish room. During the movie I couldn’t word that the television became adjusting its brightness dynamically and to be honest for the duration of the give up I found the screen on occasion too shiny. Not sure if the eco system truly adjusted the LEDs hence.

Secondly I watched Avatar. This rapid pace film turned into ideal due to the fact it is able to simply stress the Samsung and show any imperfections. Let me be honest there were not many for me but will be for a few. It all rests on the movement. It’s buttery easy and nearly appears unreal due to it. Some will now not like this but regardless of the placing I used I couldn’t put off it absolutely. I also observed artifacts round a number of the items, however it wasn’t a large deal because it handiest passed off once. And I wouldn’t have visible it if I become taking note of the film.

Color reproductions and black stages had been once more spot-on. Although I suppose that most complete LED neighborhood dimming sets ought to do better, however that’s best important in a right away assessment environment. And it is not like your neighbor will purchase one and installation it right next to yours for showing. If someone skilled this please contact me and I’ll take away that declaration.

Blu-rays or legally owned 1080p content are superb in this set and the real purpose why someone would very own a television of this caliber within the first vicinity. Color duplicate is super and black-levels are spot on. Motion isn’t always dealt with flawlessly. I saw some artifacts and a few human beings will locate it unnatural no matter the settings. If you’re one of these humans than this may be your deal breaker!


Gaming. We all do it, some admit it but few feel happy with it. I related my PS3 to the Samsung C8700 to test gaming. Again I don’t have the high-stop stuff to degree input lag, this overview represents what the bare eye sees.

First up was Need for Speed Shift. This new EA title changed into released in 2009 and marked a alternate for the collection. Moving extra closer to the semi-simulation racer with terrific pics and mind-blowing crashes. The Samsung C8700 held itself well at some point of the assessments. The colour replica turned into appropriate and the photograph remained crystal sharp despite best showing 1280×720 pixels. I did be aware some enter lag in comparison to my reference show, a 2ms TNT panel. But for me as a casual gamer I do not see this as a huge trouble.

LittleBigPlanet was tested next and the Samsung C8700 nailed it. Input lag changed into even much less of an trouble way to the slower paced recreation. The game confirmed better intensity thanks to the sharpness and the scale of the show. Further greater I saw nothing uncommon.

Last however now not least changed into the game Resistance 2. This famous shooter sits excessive with the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield Bad Company 2. My first impression wasn’t too remarkable with this title. I located the coloration tending a bit too much towards the yellows. And I determined halos around some of the gadgets all through heavy motion. I got rid of it after a few tweaking, however it wasn’t best.

Gaming become great at the Samsung C8700 tv. The huge length actually makes the revel in extra immersive. I did note some input lag however it’s no longer that massive of a deal.


Samsung doesn’t provide glasses with the tv. Costs are 70 – 130 $ relying at the model you choose. Your options are limited between Samsung rechargeable or non-rechargeable, the latter operating on unique batteries. Glasses from different manufacturers do not work.

For this take a look at I used a hard and fast of non-rechargeable glasses. I found them to be average in each appears and luxury. They don’t look as correct because the more expensive rechargeable glasses. And I felt a pinch at the touching point close to my ears. Moving the glasses as bit relieved the ache.

Samsung claims that the glasses can paintings over a hundred hours with a single battery and those numbers are dazzling. But no matter that I have to advise absolutely everyone to go for rechargeable ones – as a minimum for your self. They’re better searching, extra comfortable and no person needs to shop for batteries these days. My family member determined to buy 2 rechargeable for normal use and 3 non-rechargeable ones for visitors.


Samsung’s largest change for 2010 is three-D. It’s not a stunning move; competition like Sony have pushed it and every body knew it turned into coming this year. But I nonetheless have no assessment because Samsung is the handiest one obtainable with a completely to be had three-D set. I’ve seen Sony’s three-D engine a while returned at an indication, but can’t use it to evaluate due to the fact they were going for walks unique demos. For this part of the evaluate I tried the special 2D to 3-d conversion on a extensive range of media. I could not test the native 3D engine due to the fact I do not own a 3-d Blu-Ray participant. Sony update the PS3 already!

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