Reporting Spam Mail Should Be Improved

Anyone who has an email account could relate to Spam being sent to their accounts from time to time. Though most of the Internet Service Providers, or ISP, nowadays offer spam filters, other spam emails still get through.

Spam mails may not just contain irrelevant information but may also affect business flow. One disadvantage of receiving spam mails and having spam filters set in your account is that a certain email may be filtered out as spam even if it is not. Aol mail

One instance of such activity is receiving a copy of your own sent email from a subscriber saying that the content of the email is vulgar, obscene and of bad language. For someone receiving such email, this is very frustrating. The content of the email may not be as such, but for the subscriber, the email may be viewed as Spam.

Subscribers of America Online Inc, or AOL, usually have the liberty to report that a certain email could be a spam mail. However, some users tend to be ignorant about this, and in turn show rudeness to other people concerned by reporting that their email is a Spam mail. Having the liberty to report spam mails has its advantage and disadvantages. One disadvantage is that AOL subscribers can report emails as spam mails just because they don’t like the content or because they just don’t want the subscription anymore. Either way, this has a negative impact on the sender of the email.

Once a person’s email is reported as spam, that person may encounter problems from sending other important emails from time to time. The details of the sender are recorded such as their name, their email address, date of subscription and IP address. There are instances where the email can be blocked are could not be delivered to its recipient. Also, recipients of the said email from that person may receive the email as spam, and may tend to send rude responses. Some may even go to the extent that they would threaten the sender for sending a spam without knowing that the sender is yet another victim.


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