Motherboard Guide – What You Need to Know When Purchasing a Motherboard

The motherboard, or mainboard, is called that since the entirety of different segments plug into it, and it is utilized as a center point of sorts for the entirety of the segments to speak with one another. When purchasing a motherboard, the most significant things to know is the thing that CPU it is viable with, what sort of memory, or RAM, it is viable with, and the speed of the frontside transport.

CPU Compatibility: 

The two principle sorts of Motherboards track with the two primary brands of CPU’s, being AMD or Intel. An AMD CPU won’t work in a motherboard designed for Intel CPU’s and the other way around. คอมประกอบ 40000Additionally, most motherboards have a scope of rates that they are viable with (model) like 500 Mhz to 1.0 Ghz. Any higher would require an alternate motherboard.

Speed isn’t the main factor however, there are various styles of CPU, and each motherboard should let you know precisely what sort of CPU it acknowledges. These are the reasons why you normally supplant the CPU and the Motherboard simultaneously, in light of the fact that they are so reliant on one another.

Try not to stress if this is all passing you by, they sell packs for simply this event called Barebone Computers, which is typically a case, motherboard and CPU combo so you can’t turn out badly with these.

Slam Compatibility: 

There are different kinds of RAM nowadays, which are depicted here, yet to note them rapidly, they are SDRAM, DDR and RDRAM. They all fill a similar fundamental need, just in a somewhat extraordinary way and speed. It is imperative to comprehend what kind of RAM your motherboard takes and the greatest sum you can have in it at once, which is generally noted in the portrayal of the motherboard.

Video Card Compatibility: 

Video cards are not all made similarly, there are a few distinct sorts of video cards now, particularly on the top of the line. The most well-known being AGP, and PCI Express. In spite of the fact that there are additionally different sorts inside these gatherings. PCI Express is still new and doesn’t have numerous varieties yet, however AGP has been near and has a few distinct varieties, as AGP 4x, and AGP 8x, and so on.

The majority of the more current adaptations are in reverse viable, implying that they will acknowledge more established forms, yet it doesn’t work the opposite way around, so you for the most part can not put an AGP 8x card into a motherboard that is named as just tolerating up to AGP 4x.

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