Destiny 2’s power weapons are getting more powerful in Season of the Drifter

In its present day blog publish, This Week at Bungie, the studio mentioned some adjustments headed to Destiny 2’s strength slots in Season of the Drifter.

Destiny players have relied on Exotic electricity guns for months, leaving their kinetic and energy Exotics to rot inside the vault. Players had been rotating Sleeper Simulant, Whisper of the Worm and Thunderlord inside and outside in their strength slots, ignoring non-Exotic strength weapons.

In Season of the Drifter, Bungie is buffing mythical energy weapons — specially grenade and rocket launchers. twitch overlays

Grenade launchers have become a 25 percentage harm bump for PvE sports, in addition to an boom to order ammo. According to Bungie, heavy weapon grenade launchers had some problems with ammo that made them less suited for gamers. The developer has given most grenade launchers extra ammo. Combined with the harm buff, this should lead them to more possible in raid and strike content material.

Rocket launchers have become a 60 to 65 percentage harm bump. Conversely, the Cluster Bomb perk is being nerfed with the aid of 80 percent. Bungie states that Cluster Bombs were too top but too inconsistent, making them situational.

To remedy this hassle, rockets will now deal higher raw harm, with clusters being a nice bonus in certain situations.

It’s well worth noting that Cluster Bombs have been key to positive techniques in Destiny 2. Cluster Bomb rockets are used to glitch Riven of a Thousand Voices, the very last raid boss of the Last Wish raid — permitting gamers to kill her plenty quicker than intended.

However, Destiny raider Gladd proves in the clip under that this method is still powerful with grenade launchers — even with out the 25 percent buff.

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Nerfing cluster bomb rockets you assert?? Buffing grenade launchers you say?? Have to do Riven using all floors you s……..

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These electricity slot changes shouldn’t regulate a lot of the sport’s modern-day strategies. Instead, they’ll allow gamers to select different weapons with out feeling like they’re lacking out on harm.

For a listing of greater changes coming to Destiny 2 in Season of the Drifter, test out the entire weblog submit.

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