E-Learning Portals

The focus of e-learning and training is now on continuous learning and development programs rather than giving new employees an orientation program. Employees benefit from this learning and development program since they can excel at their role and responsibilities better with these knowledge resources, besides also channelizing their knowledge into workable ideas that can translate into business solutions. lowes employee login

Since organizations have the unique responsibility of consolidating knowledge and information into training modules for employees quicker and more effectively than before, they need to look for technologies that will cohere knowledge into a centralized access point, and present it seamlessly.

This is where e-learning steps in. It is critical to the success of organizations, communities and economies, and individuals. Through e-learning portals, effective educational and training courses can be brought to the PCs of employees who can benefit from it in terms of receiving upto date information, customized, accessible 24/7, flexible, convenient, user-centric and in the form of centralized knowledge management.

What is an e-learning portal? An organization sets up a virtual environment for disseminating access to knowledge to its staff. This is how an e-learning portal is born. Such portals are known differently-e-learning centers, internal portals, online education centers, virtual universities and corporate universities.

These are the frameworks for e-learning, or training to happen. Besides, learners can also use specific tools to access, navigate and aggregate “learning chunks” (whether complete or bite-sized) or “learning objects” from courses, web sites, internal databases or repositories.

The e-learning portal, therefore, becomes an access point from where courses, training, applications, services are sent out to customers, employees, partners or suppliers. On the other hand, it is also the meeting place for the organization’s web channels such as the Internet, intranet, extranet, etc to combine information that will benefit the larger community.

Benefits of e-learning portals: You get the benefits of real time training, replete with integrated multimedia and instructor-led in an environment of pooled resources. The benefits they give organizations in the following areas are:

  • Recruitment and selection: They help attract, rate and hire fresh talent
  • Retention: They serve to retain staff
  • Career growth through learning: They provide online and offline training and other related learning activities
  • Rewarding staff: E-learning portals help recognize star performers of organizations
  • Succession planning: To identify and develop the best workers with acknowledged skills and competencies who can make their mark in the organization


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