Charity Credit Cards Explained!

When it comes to Identity Theft Protection & Credit Repair Companies, you’ll find there are hundreds upon hundreds of organizations promising to work miracles on your credit report. You’ll find both on and offline companies, large organizations and small individual run ones. So its not an easy task to find a company that’s right for you and wont cost you the earth! Marketplace Clearnet

Most reputable companies will have an office where you can visit. Most of these will also have a web based presence, normally fully functional websites offering their services. Try to stay away from those companies who only operate through a website, it could be a clear indication that the set up is not professional or has not been around too long.

Also keep a watch for those companies that try to talk you into strange and unexpected behaviour, such as a new identity or using EIN number, these are most certainly scams that could even turn out to be illegal. It really does happen!

Most genuine services will sometimes charge a set up fee, but it shouldn’t be a large amount, so be wary of companies who request payment up front or ask for a surprisingly large set up fee. Chances are they’ll take your cash and disappear. Bear in mind that the set up fee will normally be needed just to obtain the first credit report, so expect it to be a small amount. We all know that writing an unsubstantiated testimonial and throwing it up on a website seems to be common practice these days, but legitimate credit repair companies should be able to provide you with real authentic testimonials, so make certain you ask about them.

Never forget that protecting your credit and identity is one of the most important things you will ever do, a damaged or incorrect credit file can have a disastrous knock-on effect on you’re your finances, your mortgage and even your family, so don’t expect these services to come cheap.
However, in reality you do not need to spend a fortune to repair your credit report. There is nothing credit repair companies can legally do that you can’t do yourself! Get a copy of your  from all 3 credit referencing agencies today.


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