How Can SMS Marketing Be Effectively Used?

Marketers are always looking at innovative ways to market their products. SMS marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies nowadays. The success of this form of text marketing is primarily due to the large number of mobile phone users in the United States. However, before initiating a campaign we need to focus on a few important factors which will ensure that our SMS marketing campaign is effective. Sending bulk SMS helps to increase the success rate of the campaign but you need to be doubly sure that you are targeting the campaign towards the right audience. The target list that you have can include prospects who have visited your website and registered their details. It can also be numbers you have gathered from a direct mail campaign or collected during a seminar. It can also be a list of restaurants, realtors and attorneys in your area interested in marketing their services. SMS text marketing 

The high potential of SMS marketing campaign in disseminating information to a mass population is being tapped by businesses, politicians and even local churches. SMS campaigns are also being used to choose the winners of reality shows and singing competitions. The popularity of text marketing is because of lower cost compared to other methods of marketing, reach and the simplicity to set up the campaign. SMS marketing software will enable you to send SMS across all operators. You advertisement can reach customers of AT&T, Verizon, Nextel, T-Mobile, Cincinnati Bell and other major carriers. The message reaches prospective customers within a minute. Statistics point out that 94% of cell phone users will read a marketing text SMS and 23% respond to the SMS text. That is quite a good hit rate. Even if only 10% of those become actual customers the revenue generated for the business can be substantial.

The effectiveness of the mobile marketing campaign will also depend on the content that is sent out. People who read the SMS would be excited if something is interesting. However, it should not sound exaggerated and too hard to believe. A short, poignant message with an offer can get the readers excited and responsive. A SMS campaign should never look like SPAM. That kills the entire objective of the campaign. The effectiveness of mobile marketing has increased due to high end mobile devices which have better features, a moving target audience and a younger target group of customers. Innovative ideas are driving text marketing and making it more effective. By simply replying to a text message, customers are getting discounts on anything and everything from pizzas to movie tickets.


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